These outdoor stools and table stack together like a totem pole to save space

Being able to sit outdoors with friends and family is always a great time, but the setup and cleanup can be quite a chore. Not everyone has a large enough space to accommodate both people and furniture. Having to take out chairs and tables every time you need them could also be a considerable hurdle to an enjoyable day under the sun. That is the reason why there has been a rise in interest in modular or portable furniture, especially those that can be kept outdoors. In terms of function, Totem is such a type of solution that lets you save time and space in setting up a quick outdoor gathering, but it also does it in a creative way that makes its inactive form a great outdoor decoration as well.

Designer: Robin Delaere

Most people would probably like to have wide, open spaces to lounge in or socialize with friends, with seats and tables that deliver comfort while providing decor as well. Unfortunately, not everyone has the luxury of space, even for keeping this outdoor furniture when not in use. That shouldn’t be a deterrent, however, for enjoying the sun and fresh air, especially when there are creative ways where you can stack these chairs or stools when not in use and make them look good, too.

Of course, there are plenty of stackable chairs in the market, but those often pay no attention to appearances. Some might not even be designed to be comfortable, simply offering a space-saving solid piece of plastic you can sit on. In contrast, Totem offers comfort, charm, and space efficiency, all in one tall package that splits into three to five pieces.

Just like its namesake, Totem resembles something like a totem pole that has five distinct segments stacked on top of each other. When disassembled, four of these segments function as stools you can sit on, while the fifth and top section serves as a table. Except for having the table on top, there is no specific way to arrange these pieces, making cleanup almost like a game rather than a chore.

Both the stools and the table look to utilize black metal frames, hopefully powder-coated rather than painted. Thick, drum-like cushions provide the actual seat for the stools, while the low table’s surface is made of multiple slats of wood. The standard setup has four stools and one table, but the combinations can be as few as two stools and a table.

The idea of stackable chairs isn’t exactly revolutionary, but it takes just a little imagination and creativity to turn it into something unique and memorable. Individually, each piece has a simple yet functional design, but their true glory comes from their combined height. The space-saving Totem deserves to be a staple of any patio or garden, creating a way for people to gather at a moment’s notice while also giving the space a distinctive look when not in use.