Potty Pooper On The Go

When you gotto go You REALLY gotto GO!
In the middle of the jungle…concrete jungle, camping, boardroom….bedroom…nawws, let’s leave bedroom out of this! And I’m not talking about taking a leak! The BIG JOB, where?… in a portable paper toilet; of course! Peel the cover, assemble the “Dish”, squat and do your job, then let the soil and coal ash do its job (solidifies your waste), fold, seal and dispose! Super! Now you can down more burgers, pizzas, whatever! Oh and do wash your hands after wiping your butt!

Designer: Dang Jingwei


  • JS says:

    Just what the world needs – more things to landfill. If you’re that far away that you’d need something like this – dig a hole and use it! If you must have something to throw away, pack out other peoples trash that they left.

  • Carl says:

    this is truely the devolution of man.

  • AMJ says:

    Hmmm, the entire thing should be bio-degradable.

    This would certainly be handy especially faced with a rather dirty public toilet.

    Also, how about incorporating some toilet tissue wipes to complete?

  • Carl says:

    who would use this?
    where would you use this? (there are laws on public decency)
    why would you use this? (public toilets do exist after you use it you have to take it to a designated area, why not just to to a designated toilet?)
    how would you use this? (crouching position?)

    • Tom dang says:

      Hi Carl:
      Thanks for you asked these question. Yanko is a good website, but I only recently noticed that This design has published in here.
      This design is a silver prize winning project of 2008 “Lotus Prize” Design Contest(http://www.lotusprize.com).The theme of the contest was Design for life: design of disaster-prevention and etc. China has a huge population, when a natural disaster occured it will inevitably impede the traffic system and trap a lot of people. If a large numbers of people was trapped together, go toilet will unavoidably become a tough problem. Place early in 2008 in Hunan, China, an ice hazard, roads impassable, the railway power supply system is damaged, a lot of people trapped on the road. A friend of mine have trapped in the bus for four days and he said that during that time the biggest problem is the toilet, because dozens of passengers trapped on the road and they only can do their need on the roadside, not too long all the road just stinked to high heaven that make all the passager very uncomfortable. Preventing the smelly smell is this design try to do.
      Hope my limited English proficiency can give you a clear explanation.

  • karen says:

    Well, isn’t this a p*sser.

  • Jimmy C says:

    I suppose this would be more for camping, right? Good job!

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