Fargo Here We Come

Now, I don’t want anybody panicking, but floods; they happen. And as North Dakota’s been showing us, not every place can be 100% prepared for the onset of an especially quick spring after a long, tall-snowed winter. What we’ve got here is a nice little helicopter-drop-in rescue-kayak. A rescue kayak with a nice ol’ stretcher and a tent cover, no less. Better get your arms and back in shape for this one.

Would you be up for it? Consider yourself sitting on top of your house, yellin’ for help, when along comes an aircraft, dropping you a brand spankin’ new “Rez-Q,” aka the rescue kayak. Would you be in the right condition to be able to propel you and an injured passenger to safety? If not, ask designer Jacob Ballard to whip you up some robot-paddlers to go along with the package.

Designer: Jacob Ballard