Detector VS Black Skin Cancer

Just yesterday I wrote about a lovely tea container by Antonia Haaf, today Haaf’s got a device for us that detects Black Skin Cancer. Wow! It is a gift you receive as a designer when you’ve given the opportunity to work on even as small amount as 2 projects with such a different set of intentions. When you get rid of your skin cancer, have a nice cuppa to celebrate. Or maybe have a cuppa if you detect that black spot as NOT being cancer. How about that?

This project goes by the name “Factor 61.” It’s a medical device made for the early detection of Black Skin Cancer. Analyzing 2D and 3D characteristics from melanocytic lesions with just one shot. Using a secret algorithm, the device recognizes critical lesions such as the nodular melanome.

Devices such as these, when they’re made to be manufactured cheaply and distributed to the places they’re needed, can be extremely helpful to the world at large. Detection is the first step in deletion.

But for now, wear sunscreen. “Factor 61” gets it’s name from UV protecting cream that goes all the way up to 60. Factor 61 adds another notch.

Turn it up to 11!

Designer: Antonia Haaf

Factor 61 medical device vs black skin cancer by Antonia Haaf