Inflate the Wave Fantastic

Hello again, Extreme Sportsmen-and-women. It’s not far off; that lovely season when the whole of North America can jump in the water and splash about wildly. Here’s a toy that boat and super-fast pontoon owners can look forward to. It’s the “LULU1.” Super steerable, fun, bright and colorful for this midwest-lake fashion season. It’s the “first” inflatable tow-able watersports toy that you can do tricks on. Turn a 180, 720, 6120; whatever strikes your fantasy.

*I say “first” tricks-ready-inflatable because I might have happened to do a flip on a regular tube one time a few summers ago, maybe I didn’t. Noone can really confirm, not even me.

As you can see, you can do quite the tricks on the LULU1. Snips and snaps and turns and flips and flaps. Here’s some important trickery points from the designers at “Sportsstuff Inc.:”

VEER Towing System
Rocker Bottom Design
Tiger Tooth Spinning/Steering Fins
Aluminum Quick Connect Tow Point
Multiple Grab Handles with Knuckle Guards
Speed Safety Valve for Fast Inflation and Deflation

The LULU1 is the first in what appears to be an entire line of what Sportsstuff called “Doables : Controllable Towables.” Complete with single- and multi-person towables, plus accessories; this tube wont pop.

Designer: Sportsstuff Inc.