Rule The Dunes

One of the most spectacular things that you can do in the arid deserts of Dubai is the Desert Safari. The 4-wheel drive flies over the rims of the dunes at such precarious angles that for a moment you feel the jeep will topple over. After the thrill ride, they usually stop and allow novices like me try a hand at Sandboarding. My first attempt at the sport saw me gulp in mouthful of sand; it was a funny sight! They say practice makes perfect, and I’m gonna practice with the Sandviper!

The special conditions on sand need specific equipment, hence this special board. “The front area is wide for more boosts in the sand and gets narrow in the back for aggressive maneuvers. The bottom side is slightly convex from nose to tail for an optimal float angle. The top side is vaulted therefore no sand amasses on the board and transfers more power from the foot to the board by the rampant angle. The foot loops assure an easy step in or out and transmit foothold and control of the board to the driver.” Apparently these loops can be fastened for Goofy or Regular riders.

The board is made out of a laminated foam core and a wooden frame, hence lightweight and has a slight flex. If you are bound to fall into heap often, just like I do, you may damage the board, but no worries the designer assures that you can easily repair the board. The sliding surface which is black PE plastic is fitted on the board like a sock and can be exchanged if worn out due to rubbing.

Desert dunes or beach bunkers, either ways sandboarding can be a lot of fun especially if equipped with the right gear.

Designer: Marc Bischoff


  • confucius says:

    Nice Design, I’ve tried bodyboarding down dunes, mad fun! this looks better.

  • Frank says:

    There is something really similar already made, and there is no bindings, its called sandskate. take a look:

  • Olli says:

    I think you are wrong, it is totaly differently shaped and do you really think it works well without binding?

  • Babs says:

    It´s differently shaped and you cannot sandboarding without binding!!! The sand has an even higher drag than snow and if sand gets under your feet, it happen pretty much the same as if you try snowboarding without bindings.

  • Walt Presley says:

    Funny, it reminds me of the first ‘skurf-boards’ before they came up with the actual twin-tip design. There’s something very old-school about this new design!

    Maybe it’ll evolve the same way.

  • Frank says:

    For me, the principle is the same, but the concept is quite different:


  • Henrique Staino says:

    In the state of Ceará, Brazil, people go sandboarding without bindings. I imagine its better with them, but it works out fine!

  • Joe says:

    First, sandboards are commercially available. (You can google and find a bunch of other companies)

    So this concept isn’t that ground breaking. I’m not sure how much impact the specific shape would have.

    Second, as to a model without bindings not working, I disagree. It’s been done in snowboarding, just look up “Noboarding”. It simply provides a looser, more fluid ride. I’m sure that it would replicate much the same on sand.

  • chris says:

    yeah its a bit old, i used to take a plastic snowboard to pismo and tow it behind our quad.

  • chris says:

    oh yeah i forgot to mention, falling on sand at speeds is nothing like falling on water, it hurts, and you eat sand, lol

  • T-Bear says:

    Hey by the way yes a sandboard w/o bindings would work perfectly i have done it b4 and it is fine but only the more advanced rider could pull it off b/c it requires better balance and to figure out where it is that you need to shift your weight (not very hard) but by the way the footplacing is different from where you place your feet if you had bindings over your feet

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