Power Of Three

Without being to preachy about how you waste water while showering, a group of ID designers have come up with valid solutions instead. Not 1, not 2 but 3 options to save/conserve water is what the OLI Shower Water Conservation Project is all about. Briefly it includes a REFRESH-N-REMIND shower monitor, REDUCE-YOUR-USE mat and RELAX-N-REUSE seat. Hit the jump to know more.


This system uses the “guilt trip” on you effectively. It displays the amount of water you used in your previous shower and how much you are currently using. Numbers don’t lie, so get the drift that you need to use a bit less than your previous bath.


This pressure intuitive mat is embedded with sensors that switch on the shower as soon as you get within the cascade range, and automatically switches it off, should you move away.


This seat is for those who sit down on a stool or something whilst bathing. The gaps in the seat lead the water to storage pitchers that collect your used bath water. This water can be recycled for watering plants etc.

Remind, reduce and reuse is that mantra for the Oli project, and I wish it all success.

Designers: Nallieli Santamaraia, Brad Smith, Franklin Crosby, Raymond Bessemer, Sergio Coronado & Sean Whang


  • Mike says:

    Well, and when you water your plants with soap water than you will have the harmful effect shown at your home. At least it makes you concious.

    • jon says:

      Actually it was found out that plants respond better to soapy water as long as it is not detergent.

  • Alexei says:

    The power of three facts:

    1. If you look in the shower, you have water in your eyes.
    2. Nice having WIFI in your shower mat! Can broadcast your singing from the shower.
    3. Your flowers will appreciate soapy water, even if you don’t appreciate having to wash yourself sitting on a bench.

  • Paul says:

    Not to sure about the matt.
    1 step up to shower, *turns on automatically
    2 DAMN that’s cold! step away, *shower turn off.
    3 only way to wait for hot water to cone trough is to get dog to sit on matt till hot enough *Dog barks.
    4 Shower ready.

  • Carl says:

    love the idea of filling a bucket, i hate my waste water that is cold. im not getting in a cold shower. so filling up a can or bucket is a good start. how about a retro fit item for those of us who dont want to rip out our bathroom just yet?

  • Farzaneh says:

    As the following graph shows, most of your time in the shower is spent on getting the right temperature.

    By stopping and starting the shower repeatedly that time increases, unless you keep the “off” intervals short enough. I always think of a way to cycle the cold water in the pipes back to a sort of tank and using a thermostat, only discharge water with the right temperature from the shower.

    Also, shower waste water is not best for the garden, but can be used for the flush.

  • Chad Seo says:

    Wow~ good to see you, i know SDA
    Good idea

  • Wow~ good to see you, i know SDA
    Great idea

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