Is this Starfox on Wheels? Polygonal!

Get your Somersaults, Bombs, and Barrel Rolls all gathered up, folks, cause here’s the “Polygon Hot Rod.” From an old face with mad new ideas, designer Adam Zerbib brings this aesthetic-heavy concept to the streets, but not to the race track. Zerbib mentions wind-tunnel trials but tells them off as a limit!

Check the words of Zerbib out:

Everybody knows that polygon/stealth/mesh surface design is “yesterdays bread,” however, I do think that some aspects of it have been neglected due to manufacturing limits and heritage of surfacing and wind tunnel test of cars that require it to be flowing and streamlined. …

The car itself is a single seater with an electric motor in each wheel hub and a fuel cell unit behind the driver as a power source.

Zerbib hopes to inspire other designers to be more free with their car concepts. Zerbib hopes designers will no longer allow things such racetrack-speed prohibit the acceptable aesthetics of the car industry.

Designer: Adam Zerbib of Zarb Design


  • Carl says:

    interesting but not aesthetic

  • confucius says:

    Mmmm, its not your typical design, but kudos to the designer for going against the grain. The Hub drive wheels are unnecessary though, as there is tonnes of spare room in that body.

  • Henrique Staino says:

    I like it! But… single-seater? No room for that in my city!

    • thats a bench seat, or could be with 2 sets of seat belts. I like this design, I am getting tired of the jelly bean look. Lets face it when the ford taurs came out with the aero look in the 80’s it was cool and different now every damn car (except for the catherham 7 and morgan) look the same.

      • M.S.W. says:

        “jelly bean look” aka “melted butter stick look” 😉

        Only thing I would like to see added to the car is the ability to have a top for the cockpit.

        Now I wonder how Zerbib plans to get the handlebar steering approved by DOT?

  • trimtab21 says:

    i really like it!!! i would buy one to commute to work in since i have an office job and dont need a passenger seat. I would love to see it come with an removable hardtop and a fabric top.

  • Eric says:

    I think it looks cool, but I might like it better with less faces/bigger sections, this seems too “high res” for me… Find the same shape with fewer contours.

  • Bobo says:

    The driver presumably has to be someone with no (or removable) legs?

  • redhat says:

    Very interesting ,but I wonder does it useful ?
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  • luq says:

    Very ugly. Of

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