A DJ booth you can fit in your backpack

A DJ has to lug around an inconvenient amount of equipment that is far from compact. So, a backpacked-sized alternative is a rather enticing proposal. This is exactly what Stack is, as it compresses the entire set-up into a family of products that are no larger than two 24oz shaker bottles!

Made up of twelve cylindrical modules that each offer a unique function, Stack allows the user to configure their portable DJ booth however they so desire. The studio level of control, combined with the integrated sound system means that the budding DJ can get the party started wherever they are!

Designer: Vince Wang

Stack has everything you need to get a party started: a DJ controller with full EQ system, jogwheels, crossfader, and levels faders in one tube, and a full 2.1 sound system in the other.

All pucks have top and bottom magnetic charging pins, allowing you to charge the entire “stack” at once.