Freeze it Until There’s a Cure

Don’t trick yourself! There’s no cure for smelly food. This pail right here thinks it is hot stuff. It’s called the “Minus” and it’s basically cold hearted. Open the lid, place the banana peels inside, close, click shut, set temp, and press go. Coldness. Do not drop your pop cans in here unless they are all the way empty. Also probably not a good place for dead animals.

Feel free to list other things that would be better off sitting in a receptacle separate from this frozen garbage container. This bin was conceptualized by the dude with the longest name I’ve ever seen on a garbage man: Cem Tutuncuoglu. Straight outta Turkey.

Let me pull your chain for a minute: do you put this in the same category as the trash compactor, or the plastic reusable food container? And on the same note as the second paragraph: what’s to stop you from experimenting with this wonderful tool of potential destruction?

Hooray for father freeze.

Designer: Cem Tutuncuoglu