Fiat 500 – Driving Cinema by Tim Thornton

Life on film. Art no longer exists only in galleries and museums; it is, as it should be, part of life. Performance, music, fashion, architecture, photography and filmmaking are becoming integral to our lives in new ways. With the fragmentation and accessibility of technology and skills, an increasingly media literate population has the ability to take control, consume, manipulate, create and broadcast. The Fiat 500 should create new opportunities, possibilities and situations for Art to happen. We are all Artists. I propose that the Fiat 500 should become a Drivin’ Cinema! An extra headlight on the car will contain a projector, under the bonnet there are speakers. On the dashboard is a camera and dvd player. When parked up at night, at home, a party, a festival, a campsite in the country, a car park in the city, on a journey, with friends, or strangers, the Fiat 500 transforms into a cinema. This can recount the day’s events, share a new film, watch an old film or make a lightshow. The Fiat 500 Drivin’ Cinema would take film, quite literally, to new places. The technology should be simple. From the built in projector-headlight, a series of ports on the dash board could provide the best solution so that the user can plug in whatever they like for example, a camera, a phone, a computer or an ipod. I would also very much like to see some cameras built into the car itself. The Drivin’ Cinema provides many opportunities for personal use, and would also be perfect for events and advertising. Hmmm I can just see a row of synchronized car projections at the next Cannes Film Festival The Fiat 500 Drivin’ Cinema Taking Film To New Places.

Designer: Tim Thornton [ Source: Fiat 500 ]