Emotions of My Cycle

Like it or not, social networking and emotional status updates have become an integral part of our cyber life. We keep looking for new avenues to express our “emoticons” in the real-world and the Bike Light is one such way. Milled out from one solid piece of aluminum, it encloses an 8×8 LED dot matrix light setup. You can download personalized graphics, animations or phrases to use as the rear light. Why? So that you can let strangers on the road know that you are sad, happy or flirty!

The Bike Dock is constructed from ABS plastic and hooks up to the bicycle’s dynamo using a USB socket in the back of the light. It can even be plugged into a home computer and be programmed via web-based software. You can even socialize and exchange new creations using networking sites like Facebook, Twitter or Flickr.

Bike on with a smile!

Designer: Fraser Mort

[youtube:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bzUDN2-963w 600 451]