Funky New Office Toy

Did you see all the cool stuff Google has installed in its office for the benefit of its employees? I’m sure most of us don’t even get a fraction of what those guys have. Without being envious, I think its time we spoke to our bosses and at least got some funky looking gadgets on our desks! Like this Conference System that looks like an odd UFO or something. I’m sure if we look into its specs, we’ll find something to rave about it to THE BOSS.

Dishy to look at, the system features an extra-flat Hi-Fi speaker disk along with a detachable remote. The system is hooked up to WiFi so that you are always on the top of the latest buzz. It automatically updates you on the company’s contact book, calendar, meetings alarm, business trip schedule reminders and a whole bunch of other stuff.

Moving on to the remote, it’s like a solid piece of cylinder in your hands. It has a touch dial interface that comes to life when you use it. Color codes differentiate between incoming messages, voice mails and calls. To keep it going, it tanks up using Induction technology.
Sour gapes or whatever! If can’t have a Google Office then I want this!

Designer: Guillaume Bordas