Eureka! And The Tale OF The T-Man

When a naked Archimedes ran down the streets of Syracuse screaming, “Eureka! Eureka!”; people thought he had become loony. Later on they realized that the genius had just hit upon the Buoyancy Theory when he jumped into his bathtub. Similar to this story is the silver T-Man Tea Strainer. The only twist to this tale is that if T-Man jumps out of your steeping cup of tea, YOU RUN down the streets screaming, “GHOST! GHOST!”

Designer: Jeewon Jung


  • One small quibble (problem) aluminum is a great conductor of heat, and you have quite a bit of it there, so you tea strainer is going to be cooling your tea water off quickly. You would want to either thermally isolate the strainer from the arms or make it of a material that is not thermally conductive.

  • Carl says:

    i hope its stainless steel not ali for health reasons. I would sell this to Alessi and morph the concept to match their ‘man’ design. very quirky..

  • K-Funky says:

    This thing looks very heavy… Too heavy for it’s purposes

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