My Wrist Bling

I bet my wrist is jealous. It hasn’t seen an accessory adorn its graceful neck in years thanks to the advent of mobile phones. Tho there have been several attempts by designers and companies to integrate the two, they’ve never been successful. The On Time Headset System seems to be a much better marriage between them and one I could see myself using.

It’s technically a bracelet but it tells time so that makes it a watch, but it also handles calls which means it’s a mobile phone. When someone calls, the bracelet rings and/or vibrates. The entire face pops out as a wireless headset without sacrificing a screen since there’s a secondary LCD. Both LCDs are touch enabled.

Is there still room for concepts like this or have we all moved on and embraced miniaturized handheld computers (cough: smartphones) as the current and wave of the future?

Designer: Pedro Gomes


  • ▃▃§ says:

    the bracelet is too thick…
    but it's better than other “bluetooth watch”, a great idea to mix things together.

  • Matt says:

    A curved LCD? First, that’s impossible and second, it would be too thick, let alone still have enough room to fit the rest of the electronics inside.

    An OLED would have to be used. It’s greater contrast, colour and energy efficiency would be an added bonus in contrast to an LCD, and it would go towards making the device actually capable of being done.

  • ▃▃§ says:

    the bracelet is too thick…
    but it’s better than other “bluetooth watch”, a great idea to mix things together.

  • Carl says:

    1st off well done for winning competition with this.
    It is a classy design. I don’t know if the display is supposed to be retro, but it does look a bit like an old microwave display.

    That said i love the interaction of blue tooth with bangle and this could work well with both the male and female markets.

    Could easily see a big brand like sony eric or nike jumping onto this.


  • anon says:

    how do you dial?

  • KwangErn says:

    It’s not bad at all, it’s pretty cool in some ways…

    How about hooking this device with a smartphone too?

  • Brian says:

    Dick Tracy you there? If it’s going to be thought of as “bling” it needs to be much much thinner – so thin that it makes you wonder how it won’t break for it to be a real hit.

  • super panda says:

    too 具有 创造力了

  • eli gator says:

    אחלה מוצר..סופ סופי סופני!!

    i like it!

  • May Wong says:

    Where can I buy it

  • Pedro Gomes says:

    The project is registerd and is now under prototyping phase for test purpose. Therefore I´m now looking for partners for possible production of my design.
    If interested contact me at [email protected]

  • charles says:

    I think that is possilbe
    Bluetooth chip in mobile phones is very small.
    Therefore, it is possible that, too.

  • Adu Taiwo says:

    how much can i get it?

  • Wow .. A great Idea to mix things together. Nice post 🙂

  • J says:

    Can someone pleeeeaase produce something like this?

    Every 3 to 6 months I scour the web looking to find a wristwatch bluetooth headset assembly since it strikes me as the ideal storage place for a bluetooth headset when not in use.

    Mind you, I think the concept of a phone wristwatch is a non-starter at this point, due to power and ergonomic issues. I’m looking for a simple latch and storage for a bluetooth headset, attaching to a wristband. The beauty of the design above is that it can serve as both a watch and caller ID.

    Oh, and can you make a male version that doesn’t look so much like a feminine bracelet.

  • bkjhg says:

    can you buy this anywhere?

  • bkjhg says:

    can you buy this anywhere?

  • Saler says:

    Good Idea for get remider and headset together. I have this once.

  • Saler says:

    Good Idea for get remider and headset together. I have this once.

  • John says:

    I’ve been looking for a watch phone, but super anxious when researching. Is this for sale, I’m not rich, but this looks very beautiful and unique. Can I buy one yet??

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