My Wrist Bling

I bet my wrist is jealous. It hasn’t seen an accessory adorn its graceful neck in years thanks to the advent of mobile phones. Tho there have been several attempts by designers and companies to integrate the two, they’ve never been successful. The On Time Headset System seems to be a much better marriage between them and one I could see myself using.

It’s technically a bracelet but it tells time so that makes it a watch, but it also handles calls which means it’s a mobile phone. When someone calls, the bracelet rings and/or vibrates. The entire face pops out as a wireless headset without sacrificing a screen since there’s a secondary LCD. Both LCDs are touch enabled.

Is there still room for concepts like this or have we all moved on and embraced miniaturized handheld computers (cough: smartphones) as the current and wave of the future?

Designer: Pedro Gomes