A visually light, heavy-duty tool


The Torq rejects the idea that a powerful product can’t look elegant (ever seen an elegant drill machine?). The Torq explores a simple aesthetic with pleasant looking design details, and binds them together with a fun product experience.

Completely 3D printed from steel, the matte black Torq cracks walnuts with ease. Just place them in the concavity marked by the design detail and twist the key down. Like a vice grip, it slowly begins exerting pressure on the nut, finally cracking it (without bursting it open like other nutcrackers). What I find truly remarkable about the Torq is its production process. 3D printing isn’t the most ideal process for parts that withstand load or stress, but the Torq does so with ease. Its 3D printed nature also enables it to be thinner and lighter than a cast metal product… besides I see the 3D printed lines as a textural detail in themselves!

P.S. If you’ve seen an elegant drill machine, drop us a line!

The Torq is a winner of the Asia Design Prize for the year 2018.

Designers: Josh Owen & OTHR.