New ACT Fire Extinguisher Release Party

Have you ever run from a fire extinguisher? I haven’t. They don’t scare me. But they scare you.

They seem so important, so untouchable. Why is that? Get above the fright! Make it cool to extinguish fires. That’s what designer Sigrun Vik is all about. Keep deadly fire unfashionable with Vik’s “ACT” fire extinguisher.

White and red, wirelessly connected to your smoke detectors, and flashing lights. “A perfect balance between intuitive functions and a discreet appearance,” says Vik. I say again: make fire safety fashionable! Let’s get some basketball players in here to promote fire extinguishers.

Can you imagine people lining up for hours to purchase the ACT so they can get it signed by Kobe Bryant at the local “Streetwize Fire Safety” store? It’s the 2009 ACT Fire Extinguisher Release Party! Be there.

Designer: Sigrun Vik