A Chair That’s Inspired by The Elegant Posture Of A Whale


Characterful and playful design is great, it can completely alter and elevate the mood of a room as well as make the user smile. And that’s exactly what SAMU does!

There is something that is so elegant and almost subdued about whales; their vast size brings with it an equally large personality that’s demonstrated through their big smiles. The Sunon Design Team encapsulated this unique personality and form into a chair, to create an item of furniture that has a strong character and visually interesting aesthetic.

SAMU’s sinuous shape allows for the product to have multiple informal functions; from a chair with a small work table to a seat with a comfortable backrest. This type of flexibility makes it ideal for co-working spaces, waiting rooms and design studios. And would be sure to brighten up the room and add enjoyment to any space that it’s placed in!

Designers: Sunon Design & Francesco Favaretto