My Car Draws on the Fear of Other Cars

It may be quite obvious, once you view the entire car, that this is a vehicle made for speed. It draws inspiration from a list of flora and fauna, but designer André Lyngra syphons down sources to two: the leopard and the stingray. It sits there, poised for an explosion of power, looking both elegant and aggressive; organic and strong.

Behold, the SixNine Performace Car.

Its curvatures, pulled from the stingray, are “mixed in this form to increase sculptural value as well as organic expression.” And whose lines, like the leopard, “highlighted in the moment when it is ready to attacks its pray.” Molded in a way that optimizes aerodynamics at high speeds and visuals for high times at the speed track.

How to turn! And how fast, you might ask?

Alas, I have no statistics to share with you on this project. Unless of course, as in many cases at Yanko, you press the designer (André Lyngra) to move this project forward and actually whip up a real-life working model!

Interest breeds grant money y’all.

Designer: André Lyngra