Tree-hugging Bike

Designed for short-range use, this compressed air powered two-wheeler is perfect for the urban environment. Designer Jurmol Yao imagines the Transport Hornet as a viable means of getting around for businesses like the postal service that move at low-speed and could refill at stations between stops. The benefits: zero-pollution, reusable quick-fill air cylinders, and no noise!

Designer: Jurmol Yao


  • Jesuan says:

    It’s always good to see something new and well done. Nice job!

  • Dustin says:

    looks like something out of back to the future! I can almost imagine the hiss as you lock in a fresh air cartridge. satisfying.

  • Ahmad says:


    really on of the best yanko featured desgins in a long while for me!!

  • Lars says:

    How is it supposed to make a turn?

  • rodrigo says:

    yeah….how does it turn?

  • Hiten says:

    Unrealistic and not feasible, copied concept, this thing will remain only a render, will never come true

  • Jim Stark says:

    Your passion on technology has exist, use it will and be harmonious to the environment.

  • WZhangID says:

    great renderings!

  • Vasylyi says:

    Good information!
    Want to hear the address of the engineer who has done this motorcycle.
    the interest by cost of the motorcycle and where his(its) produce?
    possible do the joint business?
    the interest has a technical feature of the motorcycle.

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