The 999 Lb. Car

The MX-0 is Mazda’s aesthetically predatory but eco-gentle entry for the LA Auto Show design challenge. This year’s challenge was to envision an efficient, four-passenger vehicle that also addressed society’s shift toward minimizing consumption of the earth’s resources. With the MX-0, Mazda has met consumer demand without sacrificing style.

Mazda has always been the frontrunner on lightweight transportation, but lightening the load to less than the 1000 Lb maximum was no easy task. By systematically reducing and consolidating the framework of the existing MX-5 model, they have replaced numerous components with fewer, simplified, multi-funtional parts, drastically reducing the heaviness of the MX-0.

The MX-0 minimizes the use of raw materials by utilizing sustainable, inexpensive composites matched with clean-running, high-torque electric motors.

Designers: Derik Jenkins, Tim Brown, Minyong Lee, Carlos Salaff, Jacques Flynn, Greg Lee, Paul Muzio, Dave Coleman, Julien Montousse for Mazda

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