I’m Hungry And Inspired

The Boom Food Restaurant is an amazing concept by where the dining experience is treated like an entertainment venue. World renowned chefs are invited to cook for their guests. Diners buy “tickets” to enjoy the food, theme, music, and even lighting all designed by the chef. There are even spots for live cooking demos by the chefs and even their sous.

The restaurant architecture has its own rhythm that oscillates between exuberance and sobriety. It leads you along a path filled with liaisons, sudden changes and explosions in form and texture. A mixed space with elegant details, where the classic French decor has been dissected, dispersed and reassembled, and the furniture, stretched here, truncated there, has its own original composition.

The area is divided into four separate spaces: the entrance, the bar for the first half of the show, the main dining room and back-stage are the kitchens and corridors. Legendary elements from classical architecture have been hijacked and placed centre-stage. The great black staircase in the foyer is just an abstraction, an enormous piece of furniture: it doesn’t go anywhere. Just some steps to sit on while you wait. The vast LED chandelier above the bar screams tech. The unexpected interplay of luxurious mouldings in the dining area forms a three-dimensional fresco.

Boom Food is different in its sleek, contrasting atmosphere. The decor, furniture and black SPKR plates plunge us into the concert hall’s muffled, shadowy atmosphere. The discreet, intermittent lighting acts as a metronome. It introduces, directs and follows, training its spotlight on whatever needs to be seen. The introductory notes come with the fire equaliser in the foyer. A visual display, dancing pink flames rise and fall in response to the treble and bass notes of a musical score.

The restaurant area is infinitely modifiable. It lends itself to multiple configurations: jazz cuisine, pop rock, a symphony or a private performance. Diners in the “stalls” sit at orthogonal tables on Cabriolet chairs, in conductor black and white. The design was inspired by a period composition, brought up to date. The wood shell is upholstered with white leather cushions and stops at table height so as not to detract from the horizontal perspective. “Circle seats” are slightly raised to convey a feeling of privacy. Their design was inspired by musicians’ flight cases. Diners sit opposite each other on two bench seats. Made entirely from acoustic materials, all sound within is hushed for fully-focused comfort.

Designer: Studio FRST