This tiny backyard home/office is a must-have sustainable micro-living investment for 2021!

Living in a tiny home was always on my bucket list, and if anything the 1.5 years of quarantine has confirmed, it is my love for tiny homes and that I need my own office space to work – no sharing it with the husband! Discovering an innovative tiny house is a rush of discovery for me, and as my Pinterest boards can attest to it, my Japandi interior is ready for my home, as soon as I finalize one! Meet the newest modular home office in my collection, the DROP office by In-Tenta – a tiny home for two people that lets you live anywhere, including your backyard!

Tiny Homes started off as a millennial-friendly dwelling option, with survey (by IPX1031, a Fidelity National Financial subsidiary) participants reporting that they would consider living in a tiny home, and of those who are not yet homeowners, 86% said they would consider purchasing a tiny home as their first home. The main appeal of a tiny home remains privacy and mobility, both of which are answered by the DROP office. While most tiny homes focus on setting up the place for a single owner, DROP provides two comfortable and fully equipped home offices. The dimensions of the cabin match that of a shipping container, the design is built and ‘dropped’ onto the site of your choice, reducing the environmental impact of construction! Need a break from work? The outdoor deck and fully openable windows allow you to immerse in your surroundings. With one fair-sized panoramic bedroom, three-piece bathroom, and fully-equipped kitchen – the cabin is yours for rest as well as work.

The tiny house movement, accelerated by the pandemic, has become a social movement. The simplicity of that life coupled with the ease of usage, minimal living (as we see the Marie Kondo organizing trend), and choosing to live with less. The capitalistic culture is slowly on a decline, with the fatigue of dealing with excessive materialistic objects has taken in and the overall approach to living is appealing to a wide range of audiences. Whether you are a minimalist or a shopping addict, the focus of your choice is to find that spark of joy and freedom you truly want!

Designer: InTenta