The Indestructible Table

Created as a part of the designers “Conflict Collection”-a concept that questions the reality of designs, the Bulletproof table is unique with an almost eerie feel to it. Created from bulletproof glass of a Volvo, AK-47 bullet shots, epoxy, ink and iron, this is a table that definitely has an “edge”. A must have for anyone who is looking for that special conversation piece.

Designer: Aviad Gil


  • Freshome says:

    This table would be awesome to be used as a shield if you are attacked. I know it sounds funny, but this was the first things I thought when I saw it, what other use can a bulletproof table have ? 🙂

  • Christine says:

    I love it. Looks wonderful.

  • Nick says:

    Glass is usually so tranquil and fragile, it’s nice to see it represented in this way.

    Also, the angling of the legs so that the table sits on the tips of it’s toes really
    helps to emphasize the tension or energy of the concept.

    And it still retains the tranquility with the nice blue tint.

    very nice.

  • Istoną rzeczą jest, że podatnik płaci te wszystkie podatki razem, rozliczając się z jednym tylko urzędem.

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