This prefabricated cabin is a holiday retreat that balances a rustic personality with modern details!

Iniö is a prefabricated log home from Pluspuu designed for a Switzerland-based Finnish couple who’d like a holiday retreat in their hometown of Heinola.

Pluspuu knows log cabins better than we do. Based in Helsinki, the prefabricated log cabin design company constructs high-quality log houses and cabins alongside Pirkanmaa-based Ollikaisen Hirsirakenne Oy, a family-run cabin construction company with over 40 years’ worth of experience. For a Finnish couple who relocated to Switzerland, Pluspuu’s prefabricated Iniö log house came as the ideal home for holiday retreats in their hometown of Heinola.

Pluspuu currently keeps a catalog of twelve prefabricated log houses. Out of the twelve, the couple settled on Iniö for its rustic personality that’s interwoven with distinct modern touches like expansive floor-to-ceiling windows and a bright, unstained wooden interior. Iniö comes as a two-level, three-bedroom log house stationed behind lofty eaves that create plenty of overhang for the home’s wraparound patio.

Merging the overhang with the home’s front facade, 20-foot, floor-to-ceiling windows dissolve the barrier between the interior living space and outdoor seasons. Noting the proximity of the outdoors via the home’s expansive windows, Elina, one of Iniö’s residents, says, “[The] windows on three sides of the living room make it feel as though you are outside—you can experience all four seasons very intimately.”

As part of Pluspuu’s appeal, the company’s cabins come prefabricated. However, clients can customize each cabin’s finer details to suit their own needs and taste. Outfitting their log house with a unique ceiling specific to Finland, the couple asked Pluspuu and Ollikaisen Hirsirakenne Oy to incorporate a rimakatto ceiling, paneling the interior’s ceiling with lathe battens to give the home a softer look and sharper acoustics.

Outside, the log house is fortified by column-and-beam, non-settling log beams and cross-laminated timber boards. Built to withstand all four seasons, Iniö is insulated from the inside, out with eight-inch-thick spruce logs and wood fiber that help neutralize indoor temperatures and humidity levels. Residents can rest easy, assured that geothermal heating and triple-glazed windows doubly provide proper insulation.

Designers: Pluspuu & Ollikaisen Hirsirakenne Oy

Beyond Iniö, beside the nearby lake, a 10-person hot tub and sauna provide a warm sanctuary during colder seasons.