Bar Is On The Wall Dude

You’re not drunk enough, but this bar is really on the wall. Although I don’t drink but if I were to make a bar at home, it probably would be something like this Lounge Bar. I mean look at it; it’s more like this classy mantle/shelf thingie where you showcase your trophies. Prized possession like a vintage wine or Dom Perignon White Gold Jeroboam! All your cherished liquor bottles sifted and stowed in three different temperature zones; now isn’t that alcohol haven!

The service area is positioned to the far left of the bar, and that’s because the lids to the individual compartments open upwards with the help of hydraulics. Open them all up, display and impress your boss with Dom. Romane Conti 1997 and the likes.
I wonder what will my bar hold…diet coke I guess!

Designer: Marc Salagnac


  • Michelle says:

    Wow! This is absolutely stunning. I don’t drink that much but would find any excuse to have it in my house – maybe I could use it to store the milk!

    • Klappstuhl says:

      Or Ginger Ale, but refill it in Glass Bottles, that way it will totally look like Johnny Walker! 😀

  • Spoon says:

    love the approach. I would love to see the mechanics behind the movement of the doors. Great presentation of concept.

  • Collette Hickey says:

    Cool wall bar, just wondering can this be purchased anywhere in Ireland ?


  • Quantum Tiger says:

    I love this. I am such a trend man-whore that this would be in my house the moment it was made.

  • de dietrich says:

    What a great product, it was made for my house! I doubt it is cheap though?!

  • confucius says:

    Very nice design, this thing is hot!

  • fork says:


    Just for information, this product wasn’t designed by De Dietrich but by a young french designer, Marc Salagnac, for the De Dietrich Design competition.

    You can visit his website:

  • JOHN MILLCAN says:

    What’s the price for bar. Can I purchase it?

  • すとぬふ says:

    Awww sorry you didn’t have a very good time my friend but so glad you got some cute pictures nonetheless! I just want to go to a “punkin” farm and ride the hayride and drink apple cider and pick out a few nice pumpkins – my kids have decided they are “too old” for that now though. They are both almost 17 – ((( xoxoxo

  • Can you tell us more about this? I’d care to find out
    more details.

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