Humans Suck In Water, Need This

Exitpoint is a sonar based dive navigation and early warning system designed to reduce incidences of divers becoming separated and assist inexperienced divers when navigating in unfamiliar and challenging environments. It allows divers to access real time information on the location of their dive buddy(ies), supervisor and boat quickly. It also features a proximity warning alerting divers who are in danger of swimming out of range, a.k.a. me.

This system, unlike commonly used dive navigation aids, is able to function regardless of environmental conditions i.e. strong currents and low visibility. It is also smarter and technologically superior to existing sonar based dive navigation systems offering advanced features and functions which are not only more reliable and accurate but better suited to the needs of recreational divers. For example rather than using signal strength alone to estimate distance and direction, this system triangulates the position of everyone and the boat.

The build is even innovative featuring a bezel which, when rotated, actuates a magnetic switch, allowing users to switch between modes (i.e. buddy, supervisor and exitpoint). It’s designed to be worn on the back of the hand instead of the wrist to accommodate the larger interface required when underwater. The whole thing is finished off in titanium and just for sex, has a gun metal finish with stainless steel accents.

Designer: Tom Fraser


  • What a cool design and idea – must take a closer look, I dive myself. Obviously both divers need one and the boat will need to have the necessary equipment to track

  • ranjix says:

    sonar based? how does it recognize another buddy from a fish? I mean, this might keep me close to my buddies or keep me close to a group of white-tips, same size as my buddies.

    • zippyflounder says:

      oh i would guess that each emits a coded sonic pulse, and your unit would only listen for that code. Its pretty power intensive, so i question if it could be all jammed into a watch size.

      • ranjix says:

        thanks zippy, didn’t really understand from the original. related to power, probably doesn’t need to transmit all the time, but at specific intervals – 5 sec?
        I would like to see on this thing a feature like “where was my – now disappeared buddy – last time when in range”. definitely think is an interesting design, hope it will work.

        • zippyflounder says:

          yes a pulse every 30 seconds or so would help, but still way more than a watch battery has to offer.

  • Bob says:

    Will this work for Snowskiing with avalances?

  • Hey that’s a good idea Bob – especially with what just happen up in Scotland in the UK

  • pat says:

    I like the idea, I suck at using a compass, and often have trouble finding my way back to the anchor (preferable than heading to the surface and swimming back to the boat in the waves).

  • silvia says:

    hola buceo hace dos añios y me interesa mucho , me gusta la idea, ya es un diseño que esta funcionando?, esta comprobado o es solo un prototipo?. Gracias,
    Silvia de TandiL

  • Algirdas says:


    Nice sonar system..What is the price?


  • Jamie says:

    Does anyone know the spec on this product?

    Like maximum depth? Screen size?


  • Инновайия на 100 %, тут Вы молодец, +1

  • Mika says:

    There is a similar product, aqwary smart console. that one creates a network and can also show location. seams pretty cool!

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