This super-slim, portable Bluetooth speaker is fitting companion for your next travel destination and Harman Kardon portfolio

There is no denying the profound impact travel and music have on healing the mind and rejuvenating the body. When we travel, a good portable speaker is a necessary companion to enhance well-being and inspire us back to take up the mundane life by its neck, until travel is on the itinerary once again.

Top-notch brands have a range of portable Bluetooth speakers on the market that tinkle the audio senses beyond imagination, but it’s the design that weighs heavier on our choice. To that accord, Harman Kardon has been at the forefront of delivering portable audio equipment that helps us tap the transformative power of music on the go. Case in point the Esquire Mini 2!

Designer: Sunghyun (Teddy) Hwang

Taking a leaf from the design of this ultra-slim and portable Bluetooth speaker, a designer has tweaked the form factor to give us a super-slim speaker that evokes memories of a Sony point-and-shoot camera. Fittingly called the Traveller, the Bluetooth speaker is designed according to the Harman Kardon design language. It has a premium design and a look as iconic as the Esquire Mini 2, with touch control buttons and LED light indicators on the top.

Entrusted with meaty features for a traveler’s liking, the slimy speaker comes powered by a high-density battery offering up to 10 hours of backup for uninterrupted music on the go. Interestingly, the Traveller has reverse charge functionality. So, when your primary device playing music through the speaker dies, you can use the Traveller as a power bank to juice it up back to life.

Since the beautiful and compact speaker has Harman Kardon branding; the range and sound quality are a given. What would stand out for many – who cannot avoid calls no matter where they go – the Traveller features dual microphones with built-in echo and noise cancellation for clarity in calls you take or make. To be delivered in three interesting colors: black, silver and electric blue within a premium quality carry pouch, the Traveller Bluetooth speaker intends to be a suitable companion for your next travel destination and Harman’s portfolio.