Backyard Science: The Solar Tree

We all know that we are screwing the environment with the enormous carbon footprint that we leave behind, so its time we take charge and come up with practical solutions to tidy up the mess. On the sustainable side we have been harnessing Solar Power for a while, but existing solar panels on roofs have their own set worries like professional installation and structural issues. The Solar Tree offers a realistic solution to structural woes and more.

With a little space in your backyard, installing this solar tree will not be a problem. During the day just wing-out the panels and let them absorb the glory of the sun; and in the evening fold them back. If you need to move house, just uproot it and take it along with you. Else if technology changes, you can even upgrade the panels for maximum benefit. Silent, efficient, cost effective are some of the virtues that sound music to my ears. What’s more you can either directly hook it up to appliance during the day or store the energy for later use. The sturdy metallic silver aluminum frame looks neat and tidy when packed up.

The dimensions for solar tree are L (cm) x W (cm) x H (cm) = 2800 x 809 x 2430 and apparently the solar panels currently on the market ready for use on the solar tree range from a minimum of 520mm X 350mm X 22mm to a maximum of 2152mm X 1252mm X 93mm. Adjustable to a minimum of the all garden or roof top shade free surface-areas of 16 square meters.

Energy efficient designs are always welcome and it’s great to see new practical solutions coming up our ally. What is left to be seen, is how fast and proficiently we incorporate the changes to our lifestyles.

Designer: Gurdeep Sandhu


  • adrian says:

    it could be ping pong table

  • Todd says:

    We’re “screwing the environment with the enormous carbon footprint that we leave behind?”

    No but we are screwing science with every tired mention of Global Warming.

    • Radhika Seth says:

      Sorry but true, we are not really doing everything we can. A handful of do-gooders cannot erase the scars that majority of the people leave behind. People still spit on the road, throw garbage in the drains, muck up clean river water…the list is endless. We need to spread awareness as much as we can!

      • zippyflounder says:

        Yes not just in energy consumption but also population control and recycling too.

        • Todd says:

          Respectfully Zippy, my understanding is that only aluminum is a cost- and environmentally-effective recycling candidate. Paper is close to breakeven. The rest (plastics) is in fact unusable for recycling because of the wide varirty of plastics, and ends up as slag back in the landfill. However, heavy grants and subsidies our taxes pay are a lucrative additional profit opportunity for waste management companies that provide the “service”.

  • Todd says:

    I agree with you 100% on all those issues Radhika. Unlike Global Warming, those are all actual occurrences that have been observed. Also, there is not billions of dollars in grants available for those who care to study spitting on the road.

  • Eric says:

    Since when was global warming proved incorrect? When Todd hadn’t seen results yet? You have to be kidding me.
    What’s wrong with promoting less electricity use, and promoting less trash in the streets at the same time?

    • Todd says:

      Eric, your response is exactly my point too. Promoting less electricity use, and promoting less trash in the streets at the same time are noble goals that we all support. Does anybody not support it?

      ‘Global Warming’ was proved incorrect when its own marketers rebranded with ‘Climate Change’.

      Like the existence of God, global warming can’t really be proved correct or incorrect; it depends on who is supplying ‘the’ answer. All we have is heavily manipulated and cherry-picked data, well-known political agendas, and an Al Gore-level cash reward for those who’ll jump into the prayer meeting.

      • Eric says:

        Like the existence of God, it doesn’t matter if it’s proven to be correct or not (according to millions of people.) Why? Quite frankly people are idiots to fall for marketing campaigns. (Aka the best selling book called the bible.)
        People fall for stupid stuff. So since climate isn’t stupid to me, I’d rather people buy into the fact that it IS possible regardless of immediate results. The result of doing nothing at all WILL be noticed- absolutely nobody disagrees with that. It’s just the scale and how soon that is debated. Keep driving cars, we’ll see who is right in the long run… You do know CO2 levels are higher than EVER found before in known history right? That means nothing to you? That will have no effect to you? NONE!?
        Basically I would rather they make a “brand” and “market” global climate change because it’s a cause worth fighting for (for our children.) God WILL always be there, but absolutely nobody can tell me the climate will be, at our rate. Been to China ever?
        Companies obviously are abusing the climate change for profit, but how is that different than the church exploiting fear for “donations?” I’d rather purchase an electric car to “be safe” than a bible for “just in case” “he” is real. Would you not agree?
        I don’t care if you think it’s all one big facade, but my kids certainly will.

        • billy says:

          I am always fascinated by “man’s” attempt to deny his creator. “The heavens declare the glory of God; and the firmament sheweth his handywork.” It is also interesting what man does with this truth. “Who changed the truth of God into a lie, and worshipped and served the creature more than the Creator, who is blessed for ever. Amen.” The lengths that man will go to in order to run from and try to hide from his sin. I am all for helping keep what we have been given, I am not for worshipping it. I agree that we should all be taking what steps we are able to in order to maintain a quality environment. “Global warming” though is very different. It is strange that a few decades ago the scientific minds wanted to put coal dust on the polar ice caps because of global cooling.

          • billy says:

            ps, if you are so worried about CO2 levels you should stop breathing, that is the beauty of trees. Basic science points to the balance that God has established. The environment is not what is going to affect your children. Please remember I agree with doing what we can to be good stewards of the earth. Man’s sin is going to be the thing that will affect your children!

          • Eric says:

            You mean the trees that are being deforested at alarming rates also? I don’t care what you “believe” or who you “believe” in. As long as we are all taking care of what we were born to, Im happy.
            In fact, I don’t even give a – what you feel you are saving it for, just as long as you are saving it. So I applaud your help at keeping earth healthy enough to last it’s lifespan. Until we move on… Stop breathing? You’re an idiot if you think that’s worse than fossil fuels.

  • Paul Joseph says:

    Why don’t they just add these solar panels to peoples roofs? Then there’s no need for the large contraption in the yard…

  • Air2air says:

    Eric, you share the same concerns about the earth that we all do. And there’s a hundred-year history of newspapers and scientific journals that would back you up – with thousands of articles written of impending ice ages or warming over that hundred-year span. All of them with the best of intent and the charts to prove it.

    Nobody doubts that the GW and other environmentalist disciples are believing in what they feel is right. The issue is that the scientific data completely disproves it. That is absolutely everywhere on the Web and you can find it.

    • Eric says:

      You can find anything you search for, it’s the internet. The earth is flat too! Go ahead it’s everywhere when you search for it!
      It’s not really the point that it’s happening now or not, do you not get that?
      It’s that we don’t want people to get into the routine of becoming any worse they they already are. Landfills are overflowing, Carbon is being pumped into the atmosphere, forests are being destroyed, populations growing exponentially- the list as you know (cause that’s on the web too) is endless. Why do you need a scientist to even prove that? It’s not obvious to everyone (which eludes me) that those things = change in environment? Fine with me if you help preserve earth of course, but I think it’s weird you want proof it’s going to be effected before you give it a stamp of approval. Who ! cares?

      • Todd says:

        The reason people ask for proof is this statement here:

        “It’s not really the point that it’s happening now or not, do you not get that?”

        • Eric says:

          Todd get a clue, there doesn’t need to be any evidence of anything happening yet, there are enough things that WILL effect our environment piling up. It’s only a matter of time. I think you’re are pretty stupid to wait for evidence before you are convinced. That’s all that statement means. So go live a stupid clueless life (as long as your can at least recycle for me.)
          It’s called an AWARENESS program, go read a book. Sort of like the wale thing only bigger now… Please answer this: Because there is no proof, you really expect nothing will happen if people don’t change? You are just pitching in cause it’s what’s right? That’s fine if your helping, it’s idiotic to me you think nothing will happen. WOW!

          • Eric says:

            For you to sit there and say there is no scientific proof is no argument, ask a christian. Might I remind you unless you are 3,000 years old I would be surprised if you have seen any huge changes anyway. Things take a while, we only live to 77 (about) With almost 7,000,000,000 people on earth I guess you’re right, nothing will change, we’ll be FINE! 😉

          • Todd says:

            “there doesn’t need to be any evidence of anything happening yet”

            “I think you’re are pretty stupid to wait for evidence before you are convinced.”

            “So go live a stupid clueless life”

            Eric all I can say is take some debate classes after school.

          • Eric says:

            All you can say is things I have said, because you have nothing to respond with, I’m just going to keep laughing at you. ;-D

          • Eric says:

            I really am hoping you will tell me why proof is necessary.
            So they disprove it, you’re going to buy an SUV, and stop recycling? I didn’t think so.
            So they prove it true, you’re going to keep doing what you have been doing I would hope.
            So how is proof necessary!?! Really why do we need someone to tell us this is becoming an issue. For that you make no sense to me. You will probably respond with my quotes so I’m not to sure where you are going with it, I at least want to get to the bottom of why you need to hear the obvious. Our planet/weather won’t stay so pretty if we continue to do nothing. How is this not getting through? If you agree with me then say so, don’t quote me.

          • Eric says:

            Just in case you really do care… 😉
            All the more solar panels I would like to see!

  • Statistic says:

    “Silent, efficient, cost effective are some of the virtues that sound music to my ears.”

    Solar panels are silent, sure. They are laughably inefficient, and are absolutely not cost-effective – even with the thousands of dollars of rebate offered by the Australian government a residential solar panel will take 25 years to pay itself off. Of course, they don’t last 25 years.

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