Backyard Science: The Solar Tree

We all know that we are screwing the environment with the enormous carbon footprint that we leave behind, so its time we take charge and come up with practical solutions to tidy up the mess. On the sustainable side we have been harnessing Solar Power for a while, but existing solar panels on roofs have their own set worries like professional installation and structural issues. The Solar Tree offers a realistic solution to structural woes and more.

With a little space in your backyard, installing this solar tree will not be a problem. During the day just wing-out the panels and let them absorb the glory of the sun; and in the evening fold them back. If you need to move house, just uproot it and take it along with you. Else if technology changes, you can even upgrade the panels for maximum benefit. Silent, efficient, cost effective are some of the virtues that sound music to my ears. What’s more you can either directly hook it up to appliance during the day or store the energy for later use. The sturdy metallic silver aluminum frame looks neat and tidy when packed up.

The dimensions for solar tree are L (cm) x W (cm) x H (cm) = 2800 x 809 x 2430 and apparently the solar panels currently on the market ready for use on the solar tree range from a minimum of 520mm X 350mm X 22mm to a maximum of 2152mm X 1252mm X 93mm. Adjustable to a minimum of the all garden or roof top shade free surface-areas of 16 square meters.

Energy efficient designs are always welcome and it’s great to see new practical solutions coming up our ally. What is left to be seen, is how fast and proficiently we incorporate the changes to our lifestyles.

Designer: Gurdeep Sandhu