Difference Between Life And Death Is A Light

As if the tragedy of losing a dear one to an accident is not enough, the reason of poor street lighting just doesn’t justify the situation. A simple jog in the twilight, walking your pooch at dusk, do these circumstances warrant an accident due poor lighting or visibility? Better safe than sorry…. get visible dear! NR4 Illuminated Running Apparel is attire that integrates luminescence into the outfit, making it safer for you to take that evening run.

The clothing uses Electro Luminescent (EL) wires to add the flexibility factor to it, and the “moisture-wicking stretch fabric” won’t let you drench due to overheating. To power the lights there is a flexible, rechargeable battery that comes with a standard wall socket. You simply need to position this lightweight pack on your upper back to center its weight. Wear this, and you are ready to bedazzle the evening with the lights on your clothes!

A working prototype of this apparel has also been created and I do sincerely hope that it makes it to the shelves.

Designer: Jeffrey S. Engelhardt


  • M.S.W. says:

    NICE example of life imitating art aka “TRON”,”TRON 2.0″, and “Automan” 😉

  • watchface says:

    Integrate a nike+ and make this suit motion powered (charging batteries via the energy from impacts in the soles of trainers – is this possible?) and its pretty perfect. Love the idea.

    • Saltynay says:

      Already has the nike tick by the look of the first shadowy front render. You could also use fabric between the legs/crotch and armpit area for electric production allowing for a smaller battery. It would only need to hold a small charge whilst the runner has stopped to keep the lighting on.

  • p says:

    really cool idea, definitely beats that reflective material that drivers often see only when they’re right behind you. the lit-up images are so badass. I dig the ideation too, I don’t think enough people utilize the persuasive power of comic-like illustrations in product design.

  • zippyflounder says:

    Nice concept, hope you have better luck than I did in 1992.


    Electroluminescent safety belt and shoes 1992 The HR 25 project with the use of electrolumincent gave me experience with that technology and lead to some logical market expansions, ones that Vetta was not interested in. I prototyped up and developed some EL systems for the runner market, these capitalized on their brightness and thin and flexible nature. Many people run at night or twilight and I felt that active lighting would be a valuable safety improvement and also a marketing boon. As shown in the photos the product line consisted of a belt, an arm band and a shoe patch. All 3 products used rechargeable battery packs and flash mode if desired.

    The product was presented to NIKE and they passed on it for unknown reasons. Year’s later children’s shoes came with LED’s installed in them and the use of flashing safety lights for bikers, runners and children are now common an additional obvious application was the use on the bases of skis and snowboards giving back lighted graphics. The EL lights were a cool product that just was ahead of their time.

  • Lamah says:

    Does the suit give me muscles like that? I’d definitely buy that 🙂

  • This suit reminds me of the Daft Punk Alive tour from 2006 to 2007. Amazing encore set that had something similar to this. If you’re not sure what i’m talking about, then YouTube “daft punk encore”. Watch and look for the red suits.

  • Carl says:

    if you are making a garment for street running why would you choose the base colour as black? what if the lights fail? in the pics without the light on the figure is hardly niticable. would a hi-vis material be better?

    How will the components stand up to being washed week in week out?

    I like the concept would pref it if it could be charged by the running action itself by kinetic energy (if possible to remove the battery)

  • WeeDovnjak says:

    I like it…looking great, but really why black? U must think about that things… =)

    Just keep working!

  • gnana says:

    wher can we get this…thank you

  • brad says:

    Awesome! Want one!

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