Difference Between Life And Death Is A Light

As if the tragedy of losing a dear one to an accident is not enough, the reason of poor street lighting just doesn’t justify the situation. A simple jog in the twilight, walking your pooch at dusk, do these circumstances warrant an accident due poor lighting or visibility? Better safe than sorry…. get visible dear! NR4 Illuminated Running Apparel is attire that integrates luminescence into the outfit, making it safer for you to take that evening run.

The clothing uses Electro Luminescent (EL) wires to add the flexibility factor to it, and the “moisture-wicking stretch fabric” won’t let you drench due to overheating. To power the lights there is a flexible, rechargeable battery that comes with a standard wall socket. You simply need to position this lightweight pack on your upper back to center its weight. Wear this, and you are ready to bedazzle the evening with the lights on your clothes!

A working prototype of this apparel has also been created and I do sincerely hope that it makes it to the shelves.

Designer: Jeffrey S. Engelhardt