This bottle opener will satiate a motorhead’s frenzy and slay others with its supercar-esque design

It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that we at Yanko Design are ardent fans of high-quality EDCs that do more than the purpose they’re designed to serve. Of course, the first look at the new Bottle Opener 3.0 from Discommon Goods suggests it doesn’t do anything other than the little purpose of opening a beer bottle in a snap; but who cares when it can satiate the frenzy of a motorhead and slay the others with its supercar-esque design.

It is a given; a device that can open metal caps from glass bottle in one quick pop is a worthy opener. But Discommon Goods is more serious with its bottle openers, which are meant to be functional art pieces you can put on the table in the middle of a party and kickstart conversations. The Bottle Opener 3.0 is a fitting embodiment!

Designer: Discommon Goods

This bottle opener that looks as good as it works is a delightful companion for all of us who take cars and beer seriously. Then, as the company states, the opener is “designed in an ultra-sexy shape” that nods the hips and curves of the finest supercars on the block.

Think then this as not only a functional EDC but a piece of sculptural art. While there is everything that the design can offer with the evident thumb impression for comfort when flipping the cap open, the Bottle Opener 3.0 is not for kids to play with.

Discommon Goods opener has a nice chrome finish which makes it hard and durable. The company notes that the Bottle Opener 3.0 is “heavy.” So, if you accidentally drop it on the floor, the opener “is ready” to make a “dent” in the “floor.” This is something to be embraced in the $79 bottle opener for a select few only. For me, the weight is insignificant. The look is paramount, and this guy checks all the boxes in that department. I though cringe an option to hang it on the keychain! ­­­