Bring your home to life with these minimal 3D-printed Gantri lighting designs!

Home is where our heart is, 100% right now. The past year has taught us to look at this tiny space in a whole new light! While we can’t get rid of all the cables that snake across our desk or the random products that end up on our couch, what makes or breaks our interior is the lighting we choose. In fact, the right light can make your clutter seem aesthetic too! My choice of aesthetics is the Japandi aesthetics – a mix of Japanese minimalism and Scandinavian design elements that emphasize a clean, clutter-free interior with mood lighting and warm tones. To find the perfect light setting, I came across Gantri – the brand that connects with the best industrial designers of our time to create a lamp made from plants! Gantri uses the world’s first sugar-derived PLA blends that promise tough material that does not harm the planet. It ticks all your boxes, doesn’t it? To add a bit of minimal magic to your home, here are some of my handpicked lamp designs from Gantri that will elevate your work setup to a whole new level!

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The Art Deco movement of the late 19th century helped create new relationships between architecture and geometry. In a time that was certainly considered flourishing, just before the world wars, Art Deco beautifully combined European sensibilities with Eastern and South-American exotic styles while expressing itself through simple-yet-complex geometric forms and shapes… quite like Picasso’s Cubist art, but with arguably more attention to symmetry and composition. The Arintzea Collection from Muka Design Lab and Gantri pays tribute to Art Deco’s influences within Basque architecture.

With its jagged, low-poly edges, the Iceberg Table Lamp by Hannah Fink for Gantri looks quite like its source of inspiration, although it promises not to disappear due to global warming. Made in corn-based PLA, using 3D printing techniques (Gantri’s specialty), the Iceberg Lamp comes with a warm LED light on the inside to give it a cozy glow as it sits on your desk or by your bed. The jagged edges on the Iceberg come with functionality too. The form allows you to dock devices such as mobile phones and tablets between its geometrically sculpted peaks, allowing the lamp to also serve as a stand for your smart devices. Part ambient light, part smartphone stand, and full heartwarming design!

Meet the Palm lights, a light collection designed for working from home. The Palm is designed to help you channel your focus, creating a comforting workspace that boosts your productivity. Gantri’s wellness initiative, Reach, designs the Palm creation. Delivering 270 degrees of lighting, Palm’s design shines light directly on your desk without inducing eye strain; at the same time, the base occupies as little space as possible to keep your desk clutter-free.

Aptly named Encore, this lamp, by Sam Does Design, is filled with visual metaphors. It comes 3D-printed in Gantri’s special Plant Polymer (GPP), and even though the body of the lamp’s made entirely out of hard plastic, its curtain-inspired form, combined with the material’s inherent translucency, gives it a delicate, fabric-esque appeal, allowing it to look less industrial and softer and inviting. Instead, the Encore is all about visual poetry. While the Weight flipped the ‘light’ aspect of the lamp, making it something that’s actually visually heavy, Encore is rich with an element of performance. Inspired by the curtains that separate an audience from the stage, the Encore lamp plays the very apt role of stage-lighting that brings the room to life when switched on. The Encore’s switch sits on its power cord, with a diffuser slider for you to adjust brightness. Still, cleverly enough, its top-view is a modern reinterpretation of the switch… designed to look like the digital icon found on touchscreen interfaces.

Dieter Rams dictate that good design should be simple. The Cantilever lamp by Gantri is the perfect example of this concept. Cantilever is a simple, spherical table light with a whimsical twist – the off-center globe sits on an elevated base, washing its surroundings in a warm glow. The geometric design with its warm appeal will make you smile, almost like a loved one inviting you home every time you walk in.

Muka Design Lab’s Maskor fits comfortably, be it your desktop or your bedside. The award-winning studio is a practitioner of the Slow Design Movement, a movement that focuses on sourcing locally, designing thoughtfully, and help people live in the present. Made from Gantri’s sugar-derived PLA blends, the Maskor (Basque word for seashell) takes inspiration from the texture found on the seashell. Wherever placed, this lamp gives you an almost meditative property and makes it perfect for helping cut out distractions.

Suyo mixes light and functionality, making it a perfect fit for those uber-busy desk setups with no space to spare. Be it a plant, your stationery, or any other random knick-knacks you choose, Suyo will be the faithful assistant at your side when you need it. Designer McKay Nilson from NYC designed Suyo to create an emotional connection with the objects we share around us. Keeping that in mind, I would certainly double up Suyo as a planter, making it my happy space!

Float is the lamp with a story to tell. Inspired by the Japanese glass fishing floats, the lamp is designed to mimic the gently floating motion of these boats. This lamp can be hung by your desk setup or keep it on your table; the design is sure to attract the attention of everyone who comes across it. Designer Viviana Degrandi says, “When it’s on a table, it almost seems like the sphere is floating on water. I wanted to create a light that was flexible, gentle, and simple — that would fit in any room of the home.”

Add a touch of retro with Nicholas Baker’s Pixel! The Brooklyn-based designer has a unique inspiration behind this lamp, and he explains,”While shining light through a 3D print, Baker noticed a unique illuminated effect from the print’s grid-like internal structure. Baker expanded upon this effect and drew further inspiration from the retro-digital world, and it’s 8bit iconography. Pixel features a diffusive grid where each square emits a different level of lighting – giving the appearance of a “pixelated” light.”

Designed to help declutter your nightstand as well as help you de-clutter your mind, the TRAY light serves as an ambient lamp that also holds and organizes your bedside items like your spectacles, water bottle, phone, etc. It features an accordion-inspired lampshade that glows with a fluted/banded design, atop which sits an opaque tray that holds your belongings. At 9.25 x 9.25 inches, it fits comfortably on most bedside tables and offers enough surface area for all your belongings. When the lamp’s switched on, your objects are cast in a diffused light that bounces around your room. Without creating any glare or appearing too bright, the TRAY Table Light lets you easily spot and access your belongings and even see clearly around your bedroom. The TRAY Table Light comes as a collaborative effort between Silvon and Gantri. Like all of Gantri’s lamps, the TRAY is 3D printed out of the proprietary Gantri Plant Polymer (GPP) and treated with a matte finish. The inside of the lamp is fitted with a 6W LED bulb, and the TRAY also has a dimmer switch integrated into its TPE electrical cord.

Click Here to Buy Now: $128 $148 ($20 off with exclusive coupon code “YANKO20”). Hurry, offer ends July 5, 11:59 pm PST.