This seat designed for shared transportation will upgrade your commute to first class. Watch the video!

A unibody, swappable, easy to clean seating design made for the Honda Kaibun project is giving us all the VIP feels. Honda Kaibun is a conceptual autonomous vehicle design that aimed to maximize the interior space and minimize the manufacturing cost & environmental impact.

There are two models depending on trip distance and this seat is made to fit both. The two-passenger module has leaner seats and individual control screens, as well as an extendable auxiliary table to maximize space. The idea was to create something clean, inspired by the seats in airplanes. The interior of the vehicle is divided into two pods and the divider is inspired by a Japanese panel. The layout is comfortable enough for passengers to extend legs thanks to the cabin layout designed around the wheel arches of the car as well as the design of the seat. While it is designed for small-distance shared transportation, these seats can be implemented for long-distance bus and train travel too. It would significantly improve the experience and encourage more people to take public/shared transportation!

Designer: Rodrigo Magro Mañas