Engineered to The Nth Degree

The Grid Chair by Jaebeom Jeong may look like something straight out of Solidworks but it’s a real chair. The design is inspired by industrial super structures, scaffolding, and stainless steel. The result is something eerily modern but intriguing because of all the exposed “work.” At least your bum will be happy thanks to the walnut black satin stained seat.

Designer: Jaebeom Jeong


  • Lamah says:

    Neat! Would be a great gift for a 3D modeller!

  • Carl says:

    nice design.

  • Will says:

    Reminds me of Stark’s Ghost Chair.

  • zippyflounder says:

    niceish..but thats a hell of a lot of welding, and rod building too. I would estimate that your looking at 20- 30 hours of shop time for that beasty after you had tooled up for the the bends and holding fixtures…..what that means is veddy expensive.

    • Eric says:

      Fine with me. I’d rather own something hand made with love than something everyone will have from Ikea any day. And yes for 10 times the cost because it is infinitely more respectable to me for person to put quality into a product than quantity. (when talking about furniture for example, not like mirrors and stuff!) I like it a lot, but I wouldn’t buy it- just not my style 😉

      • zippyflounder says:

        erik, I agree on hand built, heck If I had the time I would womp up one for myself as a bit of relaxing hobby time. I am seeing oh about $1500 bucks a pop for these wholesale, from a galery figure 3 to 4k. Like I said in “from the trenches”, get out your tools and build stuff, dont just draw it.

        • Eric says:

          1,500 was my first guess too actually. But did you ever think the designer might want a taste of public perception before building one? How will he ever feel motivated to complete one for a fan if haters keep tearing him down? Are you smart enough to know the designer wasn’t expecting to invest that much time in it or something? Maybe their goal WAS $1,500.

          • zippyflounder says:

            oh i think it would be smart to sample the market perseption before producing more than one, something I learned long long ago that is a MUST do. You wouldnt really know your time/tooling costs until that first one is on the shop floor. I did have a notion, with the high performacen adheasives out there it might be more cost effective and “greener” if you built this out of reeds/ratan or even fiberglas rods….

          • Eric says:

            Great points, fiberglass is totally doable. Lets face it though in 30 years we’ll just send the schematics to the 3D Carbon Nano-tube printer, done in hours. Many, many more designs are possible the further into the future we get…

  • Adam says:

    cute, but not ergonomic in the least

    • Eric says:

      LOL true, but it also resembles a million wood chairs already in existence, which tells me people would be purchasing this for the ‘look’ not the comfort (like all the others that are similar which sell) Unfortunately for their backs!!

  • fb says:

    omg that is kick ass

    either that or i have been spending WAY too much time on autoCAD

  • Katrika says:

    I like the little nod to the wireframe world. It’s a modern version of exposing the structural guts.

  • hanz says:

    its actually cool, it gives the illusion of a 3d graphic model yet its real! good job!

  • Carl says:

    i think more designers should build their concepts to truely test them out rather than rely on sterile cad. esp if its a bespoke item. ie marc newsons lockheed lounge chair. and as such if you are not catering for the mass market who cares what they think?

    • Eric says:

      Agreed to an extent… There is nothing new (tech or mechanical wise) that needs to be proven here. It’s all been done before (even the design idea) so I see nothing wrong in this case of putting it out there and drumming up excitement. Ps why would the designer put it on a website designed for feedback if he didn’t care what people thought? And why would you be on a website chock full of concepts if you want to see real designer items? Its the grass and glass phones that need proving to me… Not another chair.

  • Sam, Wisconsin says:

    I Love it. This is absolute art.

    You have to be either German, or someone who understand the German Engineering mindset to appreciate this one.

    I am biased towards German engineering, and this is German engineering of art.

    (bowing down for the cousin of Porche and BMW)

  • Kai Tan says:

    like it.

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