Bend the Beats to Stop the Flow of the Beats

The best (and worst) thing about a garden hose is that kink that stops the flow. I love that kink. And so does the crew that’s whipped up the “Music Flow.” MP3s that spew forth from a faucet with matching earbuds and controls. Flow on!

Music flows from the line, As water flows from the hose.
The supply of water stops whether the hose are pressed. If pressure is applied by hand to the earphone line as capacitance technology, the music temporarily stops. And when you relinquish your hold of the earphone line, the music starts again. The product looks like faucet,hose and volume control invested with a new and fun interface function relieves [the] soullessness of the digital product.

The Tap holds the tracks and acts as a speaker when the earphones are in their cradle. The Remote Control “looks like waves” and is separate from the tap and the knob. The Knob, like the Tap, sticks to whatever you like, like a window for example, and controls the volume.

Turn on the water, Turn on the Sound.

Not water-resistant!

Designers: Min-Kyung Kang, Tae-Seung Kim, & Jeong-Min Og