Your Laundry, Circa 2020

The Re-cycle Laundry Center looks like if you booted it up it would kick into hyperdrive and send your shirts to another dimension, but the designers has assured me it is intended to just clean your clothes, and you will indeed get them back when it is finished with them.

The laundry Center was inspired quite literary from the recycling logo both in form and function. The three units may look identical, but one is a washer, one is a dryer, and the third is a water tank and filtration system. By spinning the unit clockwise, water is gravity fed from the tank to the washing machine and vice versa, eliminating the need for a pump. After the washing cycle, the dirty water flows back to the storage tank where it is cleaned and filtered ready to be used again. Meanwhile the user can use the dryer because although the three volumes form a single piece, each unit acts independently according to its function. Once the process of cleaning and filtration is complete, a touch screen indicates a new washing cycle can be initiated again by spinning the Laundry center and feeding the water back into the washing unit.

This all sounds quite logical and believable, but I’m still not entirely convinced Dr. Who wont be wearing one of my shirts if i wash it in Re-Cycle.

Designers: Fernanda Villanueva & Arturo Ariño