Welcome to the Glamourous Life of a Full-Time Professional Designer! Watch Yourself!

Car. PC. Car. TV. -These are the days of our lives. Andy Kurovets gets silly with his “Cycle Life,” breaking up life into the four segments of an average computer-using persons working day. Each segment is assigned the machine most used: TV, PC, or Car, beginning with WAKE UP! and ending with GO TO SLEEP! Don’t let the wit-bugs bite!

Andy Kurovets gets stung:

It’s my watch-joke. A clock demonstrate boring and of the same type life of modern man and call to be thoughtful above sense of our life and order of things, which can be designated one pose (sitting) and three objects.

The design of clock is executed as 4 segments of working day. Every temporal interval is represented in the name of object which in this period is used (car-PC-TV). Every person form megapolis is acquainted with a vital rotation waik up- way on work-computer-motion from work- TV-sleep.

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Keep on timin’!

Designer: Andy Kurovets