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Handy, eye-candy, phone-standy

…about this stand designed by Kyuho, Juan, Joongu & Found/Founded. Designed to be flat when folded, but a rather elegant and portable charging solution when opened out, the stand folds out to become a nifty phone charging and display dock as well as a smartwatch charging/display dock. Made to be as handy and as portable as the phones and chargers themselves, the stand is rather neat, and provides a consolidated charging orientation that could be pr…

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Welcome to the Glamourous Life of a Full-Time Professional Designer! Watch Yourself!

…ng with WAKE UP! and ending with GO TO SLEEP! Don’t let the wit-bugs bite! Andy Kurovets gets stung: It’s my watch-joke. A clock demonstrate boring and of the same type life of modern man and call to be thoughtful above sense of our life and order of things, which can be designated one pose (sitting) and three objects. The design of clock is executed as 4 segments of working day. Every temporal interval is represented in the name of object which i…

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Revenge Of The G-Spot Mouse

…or “3”, and “4” corresponds to the green etc. Kinda TokyoFlash-esque and time to get your grey cells working! Designer: Andy Kurovets…

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Time in a Bangle

…Leaves is a concept watch inspired by women’s fashion. Look closely and you’ll see the shape of two leaves, hence the name. One leaf indicates hour while the other – minutes. Other than that, there’s nothing revolutionary about the concept but it seems to be a nice balance between fashion and tech gadgetry which is actually rare in women’s accessories. Kudos Andy Kurovets. Designer: Andy Kurovets…

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How Are Babies Made! Watch!

…Shock Therapy with Andy Kurovets!! The next time your curious kid asks you how are babies made, just show him your wrist sporting the “Fertilization Watch!” Explain that the little sperm showing the minutes and hours is moving forth to fertilize the central ovule! And that’s how timely babies are born! * Note: the last image is your biology lesson for the day! Enjoy! Designer: Andy Kurovets…

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