I’m Feeling “Alright”

Born of Japanese and Danish influences, Joseph Riehl’s Alright rocking chair looks like a comfortable addition to any room, fitting right in with that Ikea sofa you just can’t get rid of. While the low rise design may suit gamers more than most, the chair could rock anyone to sleep with the rubber mount that stretches and compresses in any direction. It’s a good thing the bent arcs give the joints extra strength, because I could see myself spending a lot of time in something like this.

Designer: Joseph Riehl


  • jahan says:

    If is doublicate it, toset 2 of them, 1 up side down,on the top of other one, you can,understand Canadawood, would like it.


  • Comment says:

    The design looks cool but sitting on a hardwood chair is godawful. Needs a cushion or something.

  • Brian says:

    Concerned about the stability of the back on this – doesn’t strike me as very sturdy. Form is kinda banal but do like the rocker mechanism concept.

  • Henrique Staino says:

    It’s strange that, at first sight, it looks like it rocks sideways… The base should be turned by 90º

    • yup says:

      the only way i would agree with ^^ is if i wanted it to lean back further (i dont)… would be a tad limited.
      BUT.. the form HAS to stay the way it is.. way too sexy for you to be rotating bases.

      nice work, i hope it was actually built and not just modeled. that’d sell for big bux.

  • Lim says:

    The designer should have illustrated the possible movement angle direction of the chair.

    Nevertheless, it’s a chair…….

  • Joseph Riehl says:

    hey thanks for the comments everyone. Here’s an image concerning the back stability and rocking direction of the chair 🙂


    • yup says:

      whats the seat height?? Back height?? Width??

      Pics on your site wouldnt load. nice folio btw.

  • peter sikuku says:

    this is quite a good design

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