Leave the Children at Home; this is Adult Business

Kids, you have to stay here: your father and I are going to the park to play on the adult playground …?! “Big Kidz” athletic environment is made for adults who want to get active in a stimulating playground setting. Equipped with slides, recycled rubber playing area, goal space, benches for snacks, and sports equipment that can be unlocked from below.

While I don’t completely buy into the idea that “adults” in this moment in history are going to be willing to play on a playground without their children, that doesn’t mean this piece isn’t slick for other reasons. I would have completely dug having this in my neighborhood or at my school while I was growing up; and you can take that to the bank.

Also, always: Be wary of any adult product that uses a Z where an S will do!

Designer: Marc Nardangeli