Leave the Children at Home; this is Adult Business

Kids, you have to stay here: your father and I are going to the park to play on the adult playground …?! “Big Kidz” athletic environment is made for adults who want to get active in a stimulating playground setting. Equipped with slides, recycled rubber playing area, goal space, benches for snacks, and sports equipment that can be unlocked from below.

While I don’t completely buy into the idea that “adults” in this moment in history are going to be willing to play on a playground without their children, that doesn’t mean this piece isn’t slick for other reasons. I would have completely dug having this in my neighborhood or at my school while I was growing up; and you can take that to the bank.

Also, always: Be wary of any adult product that uses a Z where an S will do!

Designer: Marc Nardangeli


  • Bob says:

    Its probally for adults only cause if kids (specivicly teens) get to play with it it ends up in flames afther a few days.

  • Ethan says:

    What'd be interesting is to see this crossbred with a open space project/study area for a university, etc.

  • Toby Graham says:

    Rubbish, set of stair with a slide. Not even as good as the crap apparatus you get currently.

  • Sylus says:

    poor concept.

  • Victor says:

    I think the idea is ok. But no adult is sliding for his own fun in a public place. Maybe if they have kids as an excuse they'll do it. The way it is, it could be used by parents and kids simultaneously, probably, but I honestly don't see it working. I find these stairs kind of inapropriate for children.

    It could be implemented in some university student's area, though, but it should probably have more tables, and more sportive resources, like a mini basketball court. And no slides.

  • Brian says:

    Weak concept – adults don't play the same as children yet the concept takes the same form. I also have to question the idea of someone playing below the table area – the person wanting a more quiet experience will not hang around an area that will be loud.

  • loki says:

    With all the people wanting to "recapture their youth" with various play things, this probably would be popular. I'd probably slide down the slide. Have we gotten so serious as adults that we can't have a little childish fun once in a while? As kids we would have loved this and it's a way to get out and get exercise that adults are lacking. Go to the gym and work out in a smelly, nasty room with fifty other people, or go out and run in the fresh air and perhaps have fun with those fifty other people.

    And you wouldn't hang around the table area on a playground for peace and quiet. You want peace and quiet, go to a library and read.

  • Conall says:

    I would definitely use this playground, but the idea needs to be taken further…where are the monkey bars? The see-saw? The swings???

    Some adults might not be the type to use this, but for those of us who would, we want the whole kit and kaboodle!


  • powers says:

    For this concept to actually fly, It would have to be more of an obstacle course. Think Japanese physical challenge show. That would kick A$$ Stairs and a slide? Come on. I hope an entire term wasn't wasted on this.

  • Santiago says:

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  • Jimmy C says:

    Hmm… the design itself is perfect for kids!

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