Living in 129 Square Feet, Sovhus 4:12

The Sovhus 4:12 , measuring in at a tiny 129 square feet (12 square meters), is small in all dimensions. But its design power is undiminished by its tiny volume: the entire end of the cabin is a seamless glass door that hinges out, creating a space entirely open to the surrounding forest. We particularly enjoy the low ceiling height, which invites reclining.  At the same time, the cabin is more of a piece of mobile furniture than anything. It was designed by Designed by Johan Leufstadius, who is/was also part of Movado Arkitekter (we can’t really figure out the relationship there).

As seen on the ever awesome Materialicious.

Designer: Johan Leufstadius


  • Victor says:

    It’d be reeeealy nice for a big guy like myself. I think this ceiling height would probably be around my chest.

    A lot of designers and architects tend to forget the 90 percentil…

    But it does have some appeal.

  • StanJoukIsHot says:


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