So You Want to Plug it Up, Do You?

Don’t let your bath water take over your life like the monster that it is. Water in the bathtub can be a real slippery mother; own it with the cutest plug ever: Easy Plug. One plug, a connecting plastic wire, and another plug that floats. Simple enough?

Maja Ganszyniec designs a plug on a line on a plug: “A set of two rubber plugs: for a basin and for a bathtub. Both side of a plug are spherical, that allows plugging the basin without placing the plug exactly in the middle of the waterhole. This is an alternative solution for people with fine motor problems, impaired vision, elderly and children. The basin plug is easy to plug in and plug out- instead of ‘pinching’ the tiny knob you just scoop it out. The plug for the bathtub has an element floating on the surface of the water. This not only allows plugging in and out without leaning over the bathtub, but is also an extra safety feature for an overflow.”

Two fun plugs, one goal: stop the classic plug.

And they match your fruit branded mp3 player!
But those don’t work under water.


Designer: Maja Ganszyniec