The Tilt Advantage

Can 20-degrees make all the difference in design? When it comes to the portable water cooler, then it does. We use these urn-shaped dispensers for serving of drinks such as tea, coffee, and juice; and when the quantity runs low, we automatically tip it forward to get the very last drop. The base of the Tilt 20 urn integrates a chamfer that allows the dispenser to stand at an angle or vertically.

When the dispenser is full, its centre of gravity will allow it to stand vertically with stability. As the volume of liquid decreases, the dispenser can be titled by twenty degrees to rest on the chamfered section of its base. Tilt 20 reduces wastage and makes cleaning the dispenser much easier.

Tilt 20 is a 2012 red dot award: design concept winning entry.

Designers: Hsieh Hung-Chung & Lin Kai-Ting