A Square Teddy with Digital Books Inside

From the soft heart of Silje Softing comes Pling Plong, a pillow person with built-in media player and a taste for reading. Aimed at children with an aptitude for imagination and a heart of gold, Pling Plong will stimulate one of the most excellent impulses a young person can have: Adventurelust!

“Pling Plong is a media player for stories and sounds, placed inside a pillow. It is designed for the home environment and is meant to stimulate children´s imagination and interest for books. Its low-tech appearance in form, material and its simple functions makes the pillow seem magical. The fact that you can lay your head on it makes the toy very calming and it is meant for relaxing play alone.” -Writes Silje Softing, designer of Pling Plong.

I support the what S.S. calls the “low-tech appearance in form” very much.

Too many toys being released today seem extremely attractive but fail to endure the test of time. While Super Amazing Skateboard Attack Team is hot now, it’ll hardly be worth recall or desire even a few years down the line. Pling Plong is simple enough that it could remain a fond memory for a person’s entire life.

P.S.: Pling Plong remind you of anyone from your childhood?

Designer: Silje Softing