It Binds the Galaxy Together

Welcome to what you might call tomorrows… business card? This post features an exercise in mobile device brainstorming under the title “Tie.” Each of the pictures in this project is an interactive version of what folks pass around today. Maybe it’s just the simpler version of the smartphone. Or maybe… it’s something completely new! Devour, chew on, spit out, taste, nibble on these images. Tie them all together.

Designer Daniel Cane is particularly vague, or maybe you’d call it all-encompassing, when he describes this project. What it’s identified by is its innovation in solving the social puzzle that is tomorrows business communications market. What it will supposedly do is allow companies to “better express their brand equities” and lets individuals have “more control over their relationships and identities.”

What it runs on is up to you. It relies on the technology of the day. Using existing mobile devices custom hardware units and software interfaces, this “Tie” aims to innovate. That’s the idea!

Before you ask “but what is it?” Note: It’s basically a sketchbook of ideas for the future of social interaction and mobile communication. Quite simply.

As they appear below:

1 ) Backlit display, card size.

2 ) Couture, wood paneling.

3 ) Couture, suede paneling.

4 ) Dynamic, bent display.

5 ) Dynamic, bent display flattens for easier stowing.

6 ) Express, elastomer interaction points.

7 ) Resist, protective elastomer overmoulding.

8 ) Resist, brushed metal casting.

Designer: Daniel Cane

Tie by Daniel Cane