Better Infusion and Convenient Form, Fool!

Welcome back to the Designer Tea Room Time. On today’s Tea Time we have Tea to-go Sticks by Jeeyun Michaella Chung. These sticks are lovely inventions which fuse the teabag and the stirstick in order to create a more simple experience as well as a better infusion for fantastic taste. You do love taste, don’t you?

“[It’s a] one-ff portable teastick that gives more convenient experience to users. Tea bags are attached inside the teastick so there is no need of using sticks separately for stirring nor to throw away the tea bags. You are also able to purchase different flavours individually without any obligation to buy same ones in a big pack. The form of the design was inspired by Japanese CHASEN (Loose leaf tea stirring equipment). It brings a feel of traditional procedure of making tea and it preserve the essence and value of the history.” -Writes the designer of Tea to-go Sticks, Jeeyun Michaella Chung.

Although the fusion of two products does oft look tantalizing, the question of extra waste does come to mind! If everything in this Tea to-go Stick were biodegradable, that would be a most excellent topping for this installment of Designer Tea Room Time.

Together, we can form a more perfect union: one nation under tea!

Designer: Jeeyun Michaella Chung


  • Quantum Tiger says:

    I hate to say it but it definitely looks like a tea bag tampon…

  • susie says:

    Great concept!!! …

  • Daniel Kemp says:

    Dude, just throw the tea bag in a cup with hot water and leave it for a second.

  • zippyflounder says:

    another case of over packaging and waste being camoflaged under the term “user experiance” I aught to write up a diatribe on some of this stuff.

  • andie says:

    this is so unnecessary. its so chunky and such a waste of material, even if it is biodegradable. i would not want that thing to plunge into my drink.

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