Oooo Barracuda!

Hey you! I bet you like going really fast on water huh? Check out the KTM Barracuda – developed for circuit races. It’s the equivalent to the RC8 and the X-Bow on water. The combination of front wing flaps and the vector thrust from the propeller allows for enormous agility and maneuverability. Unlike conventional speedboats, the Barracuda keeps water-contact at all times. The self-stabilizing design doesn’t require special training and has a low learning curve to use.

As the boat speeds up, the hydrofoils lift the main body out of the water, eliminating a large amount of drag. With this lift, the boat reaches higher speeds while reducing fuel consumption.

The Barracuda’s hidden frame allows the conventional supercharged combustion engine to switch to alternative engine at any point. All components are mounted to a frame underneath the hull, similar to the construction of a race bike. Foam-filled floaters surround the interior components to help prevent sinking in case of accidents.

With the Barracuda’s modular architecture, the wings and the propulsion chain can be easily dismounted by unlocking a few bolts and retainers. At only 2.4 meters wide, the Barracuda is easy to service, transport and maintain. The Barracuda: a hydrofoil boat that’s just READY TO RACE.

Designer: Christoph Albiez & Thomas Perz