You don’t climb into a MMR25 to be a driver…

You do it because you’re completely hardcore. I will right here guarantee you that if cars like this begin to be driven in rallies, rally racing will be the new most popular race on television- nay, the new most popular sport in the world. Released at this years Los Angeles Auto Show Design Challenge; witness the tantalizingly futuristic Mitsubishi Motors MMR25 Rally Racer.

Mitsubishi lays it down like so: “Continuing its world racing heritage and its industry leading expertise in electric vehicles, Mitsubishi Motors has introduced the most revolutionary racing technology that will defy automotive racing standards in the year 2025.”

Paraphrased press release: [All electric race car with “revolutionary” drivetrain; four lightweight, high-efficiency, in-wheel electric motors with eight supplemental motors. “More” powerful, fully recyclable batteries that can run up to 1,000 miles on a single charge. Uniform composite Nano fibers give the Lithium batteries “long” life and reduced weight; located in the center and on each side of the vehicle, positioned low to the ground for enhanced stability and a lower center of gravity. Omnidirectional wheel design with eight independently-controlled electric motors in each wheel hub. Rotational direction of the tires allows the vehicle to be driven forward while pointing the nose of the vehicle in any direction. A windowless pod for the driver, seamless 360 degree panoramic screen displaying images from outside cameras.]

Rally Racing is a Back Alley Sport Filled with Jackals, Headhunters, and Thugs! That’s why you’ll be glad you purchased your brand new MMR25 from Mitsubishi Motors. *Cue futuristic stock price increase* This layman would love extra insight into the real possibility of this being a functional vehicle and furthermore the possibility of a new kind of race.

I ask you: is it possible? Given the specs above, could this be the template for a new age in racing?

[ Via: Jalopnik ]