Duck Billed Helicopter Saves Lifes

The H1 ‘Fugu’ by Matt Bassett is a purpose built helicopter targeted at disaster relief. It has been rationalized and rethought to optimize space with a minimal yet flexible package layout, thus allowing maximum efficiency and smaller required landing areas. To put it in perspective, it carries a similar sized load to a Chinook, and is 40 feet shorter, largely due to the coaxial rotor arrangement. The intelligent Skid system is made of individual feet, which each house a sensor which enables it to negotiate uneven terrain, allowing for access to areas that would traditionally be deemed inaccessible. Surely even Daniel Simon would be impressed by this effort.

Designer: Matt Bassett

(Click Above to Enlarge)


  • pinkbOnO says:

    i love the concept !
    (much more ugly than an Apache chopper.)

  • hector says:

    just awesome!

  • monkey face says:

    phat! should be in movies!

    not that i know much about helicopters, but don’t you need those propellers in the rear so you can pivot left/right without tilting?

  • tracks says:

    i think you don’t need tail rotors because two rotors on top turn in opposite directions canceling each other’s tilting force out.

    main issue with this design is windows, they are too small. looks good though pilot needs to see where he/she is going.

  • Brian says:

    Would this be able to lift the types of resources needed in a disaster zone? Helicopters can’t carry too much weight-wise so I’d have to wonder how useful the vehicle would be.

    As for the rotors, tracks is correct – the two blades, like on the Soviet designed Hind, are able to channel the force with similar results as the tail rotor. The only problem is cost – it’s a sophisticated piece of machinery and can have lots of problems.

    • zippyflounder says:

      counter rotation has another problem for heavy lifting, where in the chinook both rotats are in un disturbed air a coax’s bottom roater is operating in the disturbed air from the upper. This down wash effect makes co roater helio’s very good for somethings (aint it allways the case) but not so for others. Coax’s are great for light lifting, high speed and for confined spaces like shipboard. Its a nice model, but again a little “why havent they done it this way before” would have saved some hard work. I give the kid a fin up for the model and more importantly adressing the packaging of the engin and transmission issues. Keep it up kid, just dont as “why” but also “why didnt they” before you dive in.

  • adam says:

    the design is a rip from the mini shuttles from the tv show earth final conflict.

    whether that matters or not, I think it’s important to note that it lacks originality.

    • Matt says:

      I would love to see an image of what you say I’ve ripped it from, I’ve not even heard of the show, sounds lame tho.

  • vet says:


    though i agree that the windows are too small.

  • krishnamurti says:

    The two small ovals on the front aren’t windows, they’re
    the air intake to the engines. the entire front face in window. hard to tell on the mock-up though.

  • still_alive says:

    hey matt!
    really loved the form of the helicopter
    do you have some online portfolio/website where i can view more of your form-related stuff?

    • Matthew says:

      Hi Still_alive,

      Would you believe I’ve yet to get my online portfolio together! Went straight into work from graduation and haven’t yet had a chance…

      The only other work online is a collaborative product design project I was involved in called ‘hundredstensunits’ though it is quite different from this.

      All the best

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