AV Design Forte by Andrew Varnish

The Forte is a carbon fibre bodied, front-mid engined urban sports car powered by a bio-fueled V8 engine mated to a 6-speed manual, or 5-speed automatic transmission driving the rear wheels. Access to the engine compartment is easy thanks to an aluminium bonnet hinged on both sides and opened from the left or right. Helping to keep the Forte’s engine cool are hidden air vents underneath the protruding front arches which also hide the slit-like LED headlights. Hot air in the engine bay is then extracted by ducted electric fans blowing out either side just forward of the doors. The exhaust is a center-exit titanium unit set into the smooth underbody.

Innovative features can be found all over the car. Set into the nose of the Forte on either side are small color video cameras which, at the flick of a switch, relay footage to a screen in the dash to help the Forte’s driver at low visibility junctions and exiting driveways. A photo sensitive roof adjusts its opacity depending on the amount of direct sunlight to help keep the cabin cool. Built in hydraulic jacks make changing wheels a breeze, and the rear brake lights illuminate in a circular fashion, starting from the top towards the center and rapidly running out along the top and then back in along the bottom.

Designer: Andrew Varnish